When The Arena became Turkish

Found some more pics from te game of Besiktas against Chelsea in our Arena.

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Nice wallpaper

Get it from S.O.C. e.V.

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Doofmund - Schalke Live

Rückrunde wird mit Livespiel zwischen Dortmund und Schalke gestartet.
Check out on ARD and Premiere, Friday 30st January 8pm!

For the occasion, I have collected some memories on Doofmund, songs, The Doofmund website, Pics, an anti bvb portal and many others ...

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Latest news

Das Lazarett
Asamoah am Knie operiert - Seitz unterm Messer
Schalke trennt sich von Alcides

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Vorbereitungsprogramm des FC Schalke 04:
- 4. Januar (10 Uhr) Trainingsbeginn
- 10. Januar bei De Graafschap (19 Uhr, Stadion Vijverberg)
- 16. Januar bei Roda JC Kerkrade (20 Uhr, Stadion Parkstad Limburg)
- 18. Januar bei RKC Waalwijk (14.30 Uhr, Mandemakers Stadion)
- 20. Januar beim FC Utrecht (20 Uhr, Nieuw Galgenwaard)
- 24. Januar in Goch gegen Borussia Mönchengladbach (14.30 Uhr, Hubert Houben-Stadion)

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Schalke appelliert an eigene Fans

Schalke writes open letter to fans to avoid the throwing of objects during the matches.

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Weihnachtspost vom SFCV

Liebe Mitglieder, liebe Schalker.

Ich möchte mich heute noch einmal bei unseren Mitgliedern, allen Fans, den ehrenamtlichen- und hauptberuflichen Mitarbeitern, sowie unseren Partnern und natürlich dem FC Schalke 04, für die gute Zusammenarbeit in diesem Jahr bedanken.

Ich bin stolz, Vorsitzender des Schalker Fan-Club Verbandes zu sein, denn es gibt keinen besseren Verein mit solch tollen Fans!
Wir haben gemeinsam viel erreicht, und wir werden auch im Jahr 2004 gemeinsam viel erreichen.

Ich wünsche Euch und Euren Angehörigen frohe und besinnliche Weihnachtstage, sowie einen guten und fröhlichen Rutsch ins neue Jahr 2004! Vor allen Dingen aber Gesundheit und beruflich, wie auch privat alles, alles Gute.

In diesem Sinne, lasst es Euch gut gehn!
Mit blau-weißen Grüßen
Rolf Rojek
1. Vorsitzender SFCV

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Finally The best Schalke Fanclub in Belgium, Köningsblau Vlaanderen, has a new website and a new url: http://www.schalke04.be !
Isn't this url a wet dream? Great guys.

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Club in de kijker

"Club in de kijker" bij Belgiumsoccer.be is deze week Schalke04!

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Schalke - Wolfsburg 1-1

Let's stop complaining. We all know 1-1 is not ideal and we could have been 6st or 7nd again, but hey we are back on the map. Let's take the winterbreak and beat the crap out of BxxxB on the first match in the new year! ;)

Punkteteilung zwischen S04 und Wolfsburg
Schwaches Spiel mit gerechtem Ausgang

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Winners and losers at Schalke

Let's face it, one game to go this year and the winterbreak will be on. Did we expect this year to go the way it went? With these players? No way!
Even before the game on Wednesday against Wolfsburg, we can identify the winners and losers of this year, so far:
Winners: Gerald Asamoah, Jochen Seitz and Thomas Kläsener/Nico Van Kerckhoven
Losers: Ebbe Sand, Christian Poulsen, Anibal Matellan, Tomasz Waldoch
Now this is the opinion of Kicker. I would like to add Victor Agali as one additional loser and Sven Vermant as one additional Winner. Now let's hope they can find some energy during the winterbreak and that at the end of the seizon we will all have winners in this team ...yes, I know it sound soft ;)

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If you cannot beat the, invite them (2)

but never invite 50.000 Turkisch fans for a football game in your stadium and have them loose it. 26 arrests, 5 injured and 45.000€ of damage are the result. Quit a party. And what an atmosphere!
Apparently Schalkes management is happy and thought they had it all under control. They'd better be with the finals coming up!

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"Schalke beginnt Bau seines Reha-Zentrums"

And we needed this! This way we can give our player the best treatments and not have them fly to Belgium or anywhere. Good choice Rudi!

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Kaiserslautern - Schalke 0-2

Three wins in a row. I didn't know we could do this and it feels good. We are back on place 7 and the way is UP! Let's win on Wednesday at home against Wolfsburg and have a peaceful winterstop.
Asamoah was outstanding and Altintop did a good game.
Gerits' situation in looking worser by the week. They call it a horror seizon.

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News before the game against Gerrits tomorrow

Kuranyi verlängert in Stuttgart
Schalke testet im Januar gegen Waalwijk
Schalke nicht ins Trainingslager
Frank Rost, das Sprachrohr von Schalke
Van Kerckhoven: "Vielleicht ist es an der Zeit, zu gehen"
Edi Glieder fällt weiter aus

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Be supportive

Some companies in Gelsenkirchen are very Schalke-minded and before any game, they are putting banners on their building to support the team and lead them to victory. Look at these from the company "Gelsenwasser".

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World Stadiums

We all knew we had a beautiful stadium, but apparantly the Americans know this too. Check out this website. It contains 7000 stadiums, of which of course "Die Arena Auf Schalke" and 396 others in Germany, but also 71 in Belgium. I didn't knew we had so may stadiums?
The biggest you wanna know? The Strahov stadium in Prague allowing access to 250.000 people!

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from the game against Bayern

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Schalke - Gladbach 2-1

We went to see this match in the Arena and as always, it was a splendid atmosphere. It was pretty cold, so we have been singing and jumping, while eating the famous "Bratwurst" and "Erbsensuppe mit Bockwurst", but we had a great time.
As to the match itself, it was not sensational, but Seitz gave us the victory marking two goals and pushed us up the charts to number 9 again, 4 points of BxxxB and an international seat. We are on track again ...

Seitz mit zweitem Bundesliga-"Doppelpack"
Schalker Seitz und Asamoah stoppen Gladbachs Höhenflug
Seitz beendet den 'Arena-Fluch'
Seitz lässt Schalke jubeln

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Sven Vermant

It really looks like Sven is hot at this moment!

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Preview on S04-BMG

Did you know BMG didn't win at Schalke the last four times they visited them?
The last time Gladbach won at Schalke was over 10 years ago (25/8/1992)!
Did you know Schalke is unbeaten against BMG for the last 5 encounters?

But let's face the reality. Gladbach is doing quit well lately and we are missing stability. I believe it looks promissing and quit challenging for this Sunday. I am looking forward to watch the game live with my little brother, who is a Gladbach fan! Be prepared brother! ;)

Schalke mit Waldoch und Hanke gegen Gladbach
Mike Hanke spielt bis 2007 'AufSchalke'
Schalke zum Trainingslager nicht in die Türkei
Vermants rasanter Aufstieg

Heynckes' Wiedersehen mit der Borussia

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FARE Action Week 2003

FARE stands for "Football Against Racisme in Europe". Last week many football clubs stood up against Racisme and organized numerious intiatives. The Schalker fan-intiative did his part and convinced over 13 football clubs in NRW (Nord Rhein Westfalen) to participate in this intiative.
Check out the special wallpapers!

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