Winners and losers at Schalke

Let's face it, one game to go this year and the winterbreak will be on. Did we expect this year to go the way it went? With these players? No way!
Even before the game on Wednesday against Wolfsburg, we can identify the winners and losers of this year, so far:
Winners: Gerald Asamoah, Jochen Seitz and Thomas Kläsener/Nico Van Kerckhoven
Losers: Ebbe Sand, Christian Poulsen, Anibal Matellan, Tomasz Waldoch
Now this is the opinion of Kicker. I would like to add Victor Agali as one additional loser and Sven Vermant as one additional Winner. Now let's hope they can find some energy during the winterbreak and that at the end of the seizon we will all have winners in this team ...yes, I know it sound soft ;)

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