Schalke - Gladbach 2-1

We went to see this match in the Arena and as always, it was a splendid atmosphere. It was pretty cold, so we have been singing and jumping, while eating the famous "Bratwurst" and "Erbsensuppe mit Bockwurst", but we had a great time.
As to the match itself, it was not sensational, but Seitz gave us the victory marking two goals and pushed us up the charts to number 9 again, 4 points of BxxxB and an international seat. We are on track again ...

Seitz mit zweitem Bundesliga-"Doppelpack"
Schalker Seitz und Asamoah stoppen Gladbachs Höhenflug
Seitz beendet den 'Arena-Fluch'
Seitz lässt Schalke jubeln

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