Preview on S04-BMG

Did you know BMG didn't win at Schalke the last four times they visited them?
The last time Gladbach won at Schalke was over 10 years ago (25/8/1992)!
Did you know Schalke is unbeaten against BMG for the last 5 encounters?

But let's face the reality. Gladbach is doing quit well lately and we are missing stability. I believe it looks promissing and quit challenging for this Sunday. I am looking forward to watch the game live with my little brother, who is a Gladbach fan! Be prepared brother! ;)

Schalke mit Waldoch und Hanke gegen Gladbach
Mike Hanke spielt bis 2007 'AufSchalke'
Schalke zum Trainingslager nicht in die Türkei
Vermants rasanter Aufstieg

Heynckes' Wiedersehen mit der Borussia

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