Herta - Schalke 1-3

I have been shivering and shaking today, because we started as so many others games we have lost this season. The first half was really sad and we catched a goal for 1-0 in 37'. But in the second half we turned the game around and finally won 1-3. Oef.
The only negatif point was the injury of Waldoch.
Our old trainer, Huub Stevens, was whood at. Sad and this at his birthday.

Some news flashes:Hertha auf Abstiegsplatz - bitterer Geburtstag für Stevens
Schalke mit Trotzreaktion in Berlin
Hertha kommt dem Abgrund näher
Hertha BSC taumelt am Abgrund
Schalke macht Stevens Hertha nass
Schalke stürzt Berlin tief in die Krise

Poor Herta. Abgrund. Krise. Nass. Let's surely not be cynical, because this could have been us too. I am looking forward to next week Sunday. We will play at home against Gladbach and I WILL BE THERE. If we win next week we will be back in the upper half of the table.

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If you cannot beat the, invite them

S04 wirbt um Champions-League-Spiele

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Herta coming up on Sunday

The overall atmosphere is sad, but not unsatisfied. We played a good game against Bröndby, but lost in the penalties.
Agali is clearly afraid to turn back home and Hanke is out for a while.
The game against Herta on Sunday will be a strange one. Meeting with Huub again and both teams in the bottom of the ranking.

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Bröndby - Schalke 2-1 3-1 after penalties

Out and over in the UEFA for Schalke. I am too down at the moment to express my emotions. I'll make an effort tomorrow.
Schalke scheitert im Elfmeterschießen

Schalkes Motto: "Gras fressen" statt jammern
UEFA-Cup-Aus für Schalke nach Elfmeterschießen
Schalke 04 in Kopenhagen gescheitert
ELFMETER-DRAMA: Bröndby kickt Schalke aus Uefa-Cup

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Bröndby Kopenhagen - FC Schalke 04 Live

on ARD at 5.50pm this Thursday.
Hanke, Vermant and Seitz will be available.

Update: Für Schalke ist es 'das Spiel des Jahres'
Update2: Ebbe Sand muss auf die Bank
Update3: Schalkes Spiel des Jahres

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"Press"ure on us

Die Torflaute von Sand hält an
Schalke patzt gegen Rostock
Bröndby besteht die Generalprobe
Schalke nun mit Blick nach unten

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Schalke - Rostock 0-1

Another sad day. We have lost from an outsider and will have to try and motivate us again for next Thursday at Bröndby. What a year!
It was today also confirmed that Hinkel will stay with Vfb.

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Ultimatum for Kuranyi and Hinkel

It looks Magath is showing nerves at last and he has put some pressure on his star players by giving them an ultimatum to decide on their future carreer. Great, Magath is helping us!

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Countdown Gelsenkirchen

You may or not, that the Arena in Schalke will be one of official FIFA football temples at the Worldcup in 2006 organized by Germany. So why not count down for this great moment.

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Sven Vermant stays!

How fast things can change. A good discussion with Heynkens and Assauer and our Sven is back motivated and it looks like he will finish his contract with Schalke! Way to go Sven!

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Picture taken by Patje on the Schalkefan day


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Welcome back boys!

Poulsen und Waldoch wieder einsatzbereit!
Jörg Böhme steigt wieder ins Training ein
Waldoch und Rodriguez im Training

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Van Kerckhoven: Zukunft noch offen
Auch unter Heynckes Rot-Flut
Schalke testet beim MSV Duisburg

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Latest news ...

It looks like Schalke is now going for Kuranyi from VFB. Assauer is prepared to pay him a million € per year, but Magath feels comfortable as he is still under contract until 2005. Rumour goes around he would sign this week. Check out the video
The Sportbild believes to know there is also an intrest in Hinkel by Schalke.
Matellan is about to receive a three game penalty for his red card in the match at Leverkusen. Assauer is trying to negociate the penalty down.
Waldoch out with "Aussenbandriss"

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You can make the difference!

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Leverkusen - Schalke 3-1

For a long time it has been a very attractive game. Both teams brought very offensive fooball. But in the end we have to admit that Leverkusen is not for no reason second at this moment after Stuttgart and so we should see the positive trends in the game and look forward to our match in the Arena on Saterday against Cotbuss. Make your votes!
Waldoch is out with an injury. Matellan received his third red card of the season. And Hajto will be out with his 5th yellow card.

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Some news on Schalke-Brondby

As promised:
Sportal: Schalke erkämpft Comeback-Sieg
Spiegel: Hanke rettet Schalke
Sportbild: Hanke knipst doppelt
Kicker: Hanke dreht das Spiel
Sport ARD: Hanke - der Schalker Matchwinner
ZDF Sport: Hanke lässt Schalke jubeln

Check out some pics of the game!

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Schalke - Bröndby 2-1

What a game! Today we have beaten Bröndby at home with a wonderful game. Tomorrow I will post the results of the internet press, but we watched together with some friends and we are united in our critism: THIS HAS BEEN GREAT. This the best match of Schalkes season! Way to go fellows and now let's beat them at home in two weeks.

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"Im Moment bin ich der Beste

Funny interview with Ailton!

This is a part of it:
kicker: Apropos: Wie wollen Sie da mit dem strengen Jupp Heynckes auf Schalke klarkommen?

Ailton: Hm, ich habe noch kein Wort mit ihm gesprochen.

kicker: Im Ernst?

Ailton: Ja, wieso auch? Das ist nicht wichtig für mich. Er ist Trainer auf Schalke, ich bin Spieler in Bremen. Aber er kann mich gerne anrufen.

kicker: Woher wissen Sie denn, ob Sie in sein Konzept passen?

Ailton: Ich spiele jetzt fünf Jahre lang hier. Wer mich holt, weiß doch genau, was er bekommt. Als Spieler - und als Charakter. Ich werde mich bis zum Ende meiner Karriere nicht mehr umstellen. Freundschaftsspiele interessieren mich nicht. Und wenn ich zu spät aus dem Urlaub kommen muss, werde ich zu spät kommen. Ob es einem nun gefällt oder nicht.

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Competition for the Schalke shop

I suppose there are a lot cheaper alternatives for the official Schalke fanshop, but this one is very "white" for an e(x)presso store ;)

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Bröndby here we come!

We are ready for Bröndby!
Tomorrow the game will be emitted at 6pm on the ARD.
Ebbe Sand is eager to score against his former club. Good news is that Haltintop and Poulsen will be able to play, even if Heynkens remains prudent and warns for this opponent! No wonder. Bröndby won the last 7 games in a row! We should have been warned!

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Let's build some more of that confidence

Sport1: Schalke bleibt Bayerns Angstgegner
Kicker: Die "Knappen" siegen in der Schlacht
Sportal: Knappen entscheiden explosive Partie
Spiegel: Bayern kommt auf Schalke unter die Räder
Sport.ARD: Kampfgeist schlägt Lethargie
ZDF Sport: Schalke fertigt den Meister ab

I believe it is worth to watch the SportStudio tonight on ZDF at 10.30pm.

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De S04 is wieder da!

That is what the Schalke fans were crying in the Arena this afternoon. And truly the team was hardly recognizable after the dreadful defeat in Freiburg earlier this week.
The team was motivated, hard working and that could be felt by the fans who cheared their club to a victory against FC Bayern.

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