Herta - Schalke 1-3

I have been shivering and shaking today, because we started as so many others games we have lost this season. The first half was really sad and we catched a goal for 1-0 in 37'. But in the second half we turned the game around and finally won 1-3. Oef.
The only negatif point was the injury of Waldoch.
Our old trainer, Huub Stevens, was whood at. Sad and this at his birthday.

Some news flashes:Hertha auf Abstiegsplatz - bitterer Geburtstag für Stevens
Schalke mit Trotzreaktion in Berlin
Hertha kommt dem Abgrund näher
Hertha BSC taumelt am Abgrund
Schalke macht Stevens Hertha nass
Schalke stürzt Berlin tief in die Krise

Poor Herta. Abgrund. Krise. Nass. Let's surely not be cynical, because this could have been us too. I am looking forward to next week Sunday. We will play at home against Gladbach and I WILL BE THERE. If we win next week we will be back in the upper half of the table.

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