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It looks like Schalke is now going for Kuranyi from VFB. Assauer is prepared to pay him a million € per year, but Magath feels comfortable as he is still under contract until 2005. Rumour goes around he would sign this week. Check out the video
The Sportbild believes to know there is also an intrest in Hinkel by Schalke.
Matellan is about to receive a three game penalty for his red card in the match at Leverkusen. Assauer is trying to negociate the penalty down.
Waldoch out with "Aussenbandriss"

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Kuranyi will sich in zwei Wochen entscheiden http://www.bundesliga.de/news/teamnews/fc_schalke_04/05616.php?club=fc_schalke_04

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