Tomorrow against Bayern

The next two games will be home matches. Schalke will have to face their fans first and then tomorrow Bayern and on Thursday Bröndby (6pm).
Victor Agali, Niels Oude Kamphuis and Tomasz Hajto are back. Darío Rodriguez is out for three weeks. Heynkens feels the frustration of the team is big and this will drive them towards another strong result against Bayern. We will see!
Or hear! You can follow the game live on Bundesliga radio from 3.30pm on tomorrow.
If you feel up to it, let's meet tomorrow at 3.30pm in the Shoutbox.

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Schalke will partner with Wattenscheid09

Schalke will pull out of the Regionalliga and have it's amateurs play with Wattenscheid.

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Freiburg - Schalke 7-3

As expected a mass of reactions and emotions in the press
Kicker: Heynckes-Team versinkt im Chaos
Kicker: Nur Rost muss nicht zittern
Sport1: Freiburg überrollt Schalke
Sport1: Riesen-Blamage für Schalke in Freiburg
Sportal: 7:3 - Schützenfest in Freiburg
ZDF Sport: Schalker Pokal-Pleite in Freiburg
ARD Sport: Freiburg zum Schluss wie im Rausch

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Out of the DFB cup for Schalke

It has been looking quiet promising for a long time, but when Varela provoced a penalty in overtime and we had to continue with 10, we lost control of the game and it became a sad story.
Let's say, we can now focus on the competition and on the UEFA ... I know it's a cliché

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The flying Dutchman stays on board

We all know about the ultimatum of Hoeness at Herta coach Huub Stevens. He had to win today in the second round of the DFB against Rostock.
And what a thriller! Hitchcock could not have thought of a better scenario.
1-1 after 90'
2-2 after 120' (with a goal of Herta in 120')
3-4 win after penalties and after each club sent out 7 players!
I cannot agree with the principle of a public ultimatum, but I could feel Huubs relief.

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Small news

Agali out for the game against Freiburg on Wednesday. Varela is back.
Amanatidis of Vfl threatens to leave the club and accept the offer from Schalke, TSV Munchen 1860 or Panathinaikos Athen.
Schalke will stay in Turkey during the winterbreak.
I feel sorry for our old trainer Huub Stevens who clearly has to work under the pressure of the Hoeness ultimatum. Win tomorrow or leave.

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2-2 at a buzzer beater

Schalke made 2-2 in the 90', after a sad game, with a lot defense errors. But they were finally rewarded for finding back their will to fight. In the last 20' Schalke has been able to show their true capabilities and fought for what it was worth. The draw was well earned and should give us hope for the game on Wednesday at Freiburg.

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Agali celebrates ...

his 50th Bundesliga game for Schalke today. I wonder if the crowd will grant him that party? It will be all up to him. Let's hope he marks a few goals in the next coming hours and the Schalke fans will honour him accordingly.

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Nico and Hajto injured

Nico Van Kerckhoven and Thomas Hajto will not be available for the next game against HSV this Saterday. Shit!

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ARD will broadcast Schalke-Bröndby

On 6th November ARD will broadcast at 5.45pm the game Schalke-Bröndby. Thanks ARD!

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Seats available for Schalke-Bröndby

The Schalke Fanclub "Köningsblau Vlaanderen" still has four seats available at 17€ (non-members 15€), but you need to confirm tomorrow (23/10/203) at the latest. The game at Schalke will be played on Thursday 6th November at 6pm. Visit the website of the fanclub to make reservations and contact Emiel or Axel, but hurry!

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Sven can go

As if we didn't knew. Sven hardly plays and this should be quit frustrating to him, because we all know he has his qualities. Well a good talk with Assauer can help? Surely good talk ...he can already leave Schalke during the winter break ... thanks anyway Sven ;)

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We loose again?

It is hard to believe, but yes, we slide further down the chart ... we are beaten in our own Arena, in a derby by Bochum. No heart, no creativity and a dreadful game of Agali. He is starting to ennoy me with his style or should I say lack of style. Thanks you Victor, this defeat carries your name!
On to HSV next week. Another team that plays like a gang of beaten dogs ... may be can win from them ... sorry lads, I lost my optimism for a moment :-(

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Schalke will play against Bröndby in next UEFA game

Schalke has been drawn against the Danish cupwinner Bröndby Kopenhagen. The good thing is, we will play our second game at home. This has turned out to be lucky for us in the past! Ebbe surely can tell us more about them!

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Assauer just made a joke?

Or didn't he? Bremen surely didn't get the message ;)

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Is Andreas Hinkel the next?

The contract of Nico is not yet extended, but this should not be a problem. Or not? Schalke is not waiting and has shown intrest in Andreas Hinkel, the 21 year old defender and the attacker Kevin Kuranyi of Vfb Stuttgart.

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Watch out Bochum here we come!

On Sunday at 5.30pm we will challenge Bochum. The poll has been updated, so give it a try! I have also included the results of the poll against Kamen Velika. Pretty good guessing.

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We did it! FC Schalke 04 - NK Kamen Ingrad Velika 1-0

Let's quickly forget about the rest and praise Michael Hanke for bringing some emotions into the game. Let's hope it will allow to build the necessary confidence for the next games!
Way to go Schalke!

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Ebbe will not be playing against Velika

Der Jupp" is not taking any risk, Ebbe will not be playing. Not yet against Velika, but surely against Bochum on Sunday. While HSV and Herta have not really made publicity for the German football, Schalke does not want to make the same fault. We will see!
The line for tomorrow will be:
FC Schalke 04: Rost - Hajto, Waldoch, Matellan, van Kerckhoven - Pinto, Poulsen, Kobiaschwili, Rodriguez - Asamoah, Agali

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Schalke is still at the prowl for new players!

While the news is out that Krstajic and Ailton will not be released earlier by Bremen, Andreas Müller confirms that Schalke is no longer intrested in Johan Micoud from Bremen. This would probably be to much ...
In the meantime the DFB has confirmed that Bremen has NOT yet asked her to start any investigation of the discussed tranfers. Wait and see...

Different sources are confirming the intrest of Schalke in the Argentinian attacker Carlos Teves from Boca Juniors. It si know that also Bayern Munchen is very much intrested in the player and that he should cost over 15M £. Müller calls him a "half-spitze", so I doubt he is something for us.

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DFL checks transfers

The DFL has officially started investigationsto check if the transfer of Kristajic and Ailton from Bremen to Schalke went by the book. In the meantime most football fans in Germany feel sorry for Bremen, but feel that Schalke is not to blame. The Poll is from Sportal.de

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Schalke is spotting on Marco Streller of Fc Basel

Schalke continues to look for a replacement of Victor Agali, whoes contract will not be extended. They are spotting for Marco Streller of Fc Basel. He is a 22 year old attacker and top scorer at the moment in Austria. Chances are small however, as he would still cost over 15M €, but we will see.

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Ebbe and Victor ready for the next games!

It looks like Ebbe Sand and Victor Agali will be ready for the next games againt Kamen Ingrad Velika and Vfl Bochum.

The game against Kamen Ingrad Velika of Thursday 16th October will be emitted by ARD at 8.15 pm.
The game against Vfl Bochum of Sunday 19th October will be emitted by Premiere at 5.30pm.

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Ailton and Krstajic from Bremen to Schalke

It looks like finally we made some succesful transfers! Ailton and Krstajic are moving from Werder Bremen to Schalke.
Krstajic is 29 and a defender. Ailton is 30 and an attacker.

It does not look like this is going to improve the relationship between Bremen and Schalke.

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Schalke fanday on 8th November

Visit Schalke on the Schalke fanday next month! Our Fanclub is organizing a bus and has some seats left! Don't wait too long!

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Hannover 96 - FC Schalke 04 1-2

My God, what a mess! We controlled the game, but we missed chances!!! Unbelievable.
It's a wonderful feeling after so many weeks and it can last forever. Now we will have some rest until the game against Kamen Ingrad on 16th Octobre.
Yes, WE WON!

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Voting on the Schalke weblog!

I have put two votings on the Schalke weblog:
1. One is sponsored by Bravenet and has some publicity attached to it (when you have used it). Here you can vote on the results for the next Schalke game. You can only vote once per game.
2. The second is sponsored by Pollhost and no publicity to it, but comes with less features and has a poorer look. Here you can vote on the position of Schalke at the end of the Saison. You can vote once every month and thus change your mind an the competition goes along.
Vote and follow the results of the others!
Add you opinion on the best voting tool in the comments or in my guestbook. Thanks

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Listen to Live bundesliga Radio!

Did you know that each weekend bundesliga.de is broadcasting two games live? By means of voting you can particpate in the decision as to what game will be with the top two. This weekend they will broadcast Hannover - Schalke and Stuttgart - Köln.
Nice idea! Try it ;)

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Problems on the ticket sale?

Since 29th September the ticket sale has started for the second round of the competition and cards are still available for almost all games? What is going on? Places at the standing ranges (or the hardcore fans) are no longer available. The same is true for the places under 18€, but for the more expensive seats (25€, 33€, 41€ and 71€), there are still seats available. Do I sense the first impact of unsatisfied fans (with no season ticket)? I know how to counter this ;)

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